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Pioneers in power management, Apex Power Systems was established in 1999 by a group of dynamic and experienced professionals. Mr. Sachin Taneja, the founder of Apex has years of experience in power industry, having associated with renowned brands like Kirloskar. During his stint in the power sector Mr. Taneja soon realized that the biggest enemy of contemporary machinery are evils of voltage disturbances like sags, swells, spikes, transients and HF noises. These damaging voltages disturbances severely harm electronic production machines, causing breakdown, data corruption, production downtime, tool damages and eventually, loss of profits. He soon realized that in order to fight these, high performance voltage stabilizers should be introduced into the market. Thus Apex Power Systems was born.
Apex Power Systems deals in the manufacturing of Servo Voltage Stabilizers, ranging from 5 to 2500 KVA. These stabilizers can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes. The voltage stabilizers manufactured by Apex are predominantly used in the retail sector, residential units, industrial and commercial sectors, and for stand-alone machines like CNC, Lifts, Treadmills, and other robotic applications.

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