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(ONAN) Oil Natural, air natural cooled servo stabilizer is filled with Transformer Oil as per standard IS-335-1993. The frame inside the MS tank comprises of buck boost transformer and a variable transformer set, which is immersed in a tank filled with transformer oil. The tank has an oil level indicator and an oil inlet pipe. The tank is supported on four bidirectional wheels for movement. For ratings above 30 Kva three phase and also depending upon the input voltage we recommend oil cooled servo stabilizer.

Depending upon the rating, number of cooling fins are added, so as to increase the cooling surface area. The oil follows the simple convection theory. The hot oil rises above and gets cooled by travelling to the cooler fin areas.

The top control panel houses the three controllers for three phases. They regulate the voltage as per design and the LED display system gives us information of the input and output voltages etc. The controls provided are manual and auto. Normally it should be in auto mode. By putting it in the auto mode the servo regulates from low voltage(as per designed voltage) to high voltage (as per designed voltage) to the rated output voltage as desired ie. 380 V, 400V,415V or 440V.(as per customer requirement). The servo is designed suitably to control the unbalanced input(to a certain percentage) and unbalanced load.

Ratings available are 20 Kva 3 Phase till 2500 KVA three phase.