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Servo Voltage Stabilizer for Automatic Mask Manufacturing Machine

Voltage stabilizers are very essential for mask manufacturing machines. Normally mask manufacturing machines are single-phase machines. 15 to 25 KVA is the rating of the Servo stabilizer required for a mask making machine...

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The Importance of Servo Stabilizer in rice mills

In India around 70% of the population earns its livelihood from agriculture. It fulfils the basic need of human beings and animals. It is an important source of raw material for many agro based industries. India’s geographical condition is unique for agriculture because it provides many favourable conditions. There are plain areas, fertile soil, long growing seasons and wide variation in climatic condition etc. Apart from unique geographical conditions, India has been consistently making innovative efforts by using science and technology to increase production...

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How lift/elevator are paying a major role in human life in India!

Elevators are used to move people or goods from one floor to another. For a smooth supply of electricity without fluctuation it is only possible with help of a servo stabilizer. Elevators are very sensitive. They have AC drives and other electronic controls which are very sensitive and work in a very narrow voltage range. The motor involved also needs a fixed voltage to run smoothly without temperature rise in windings due to high or low voltage. If voltage is low than desired range it will also not produce the same torque which is required to move the gears...

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